The process of determining the value of an asset or company. Not just a
science but an art, there are many techniques for valuation, requiring not just financial expertise, but also an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Different valuation methods are applied and weighed against market forces.

Exit Strategy Development
A plan for transfer of ownership and smooth transition of the company. Exit from the business is a certainty at some point, and proper planning leads directly to measurably greater returns. It is never too early to begin, and Robichaud Financial Services can develop a strategy that brings you where you'd like to go.

Operational Effectiveness Consulting
Designed to audit and analyze a company's strategy, operations and management to identify opportunities to dramatically increase profitability. Given the tremendous growth in volume, most builders have been pleased with small profit margins, but the best seek to continually improve it. Robichaud Financial Services can help to identify these opportunities and improve processes to realize additional profits.

Buyer/Seller Representation
An exclusive relationship in which a trusted advisor represents the buyer or seller's best interests in a complex transaction. Allowing a business owner to attend to the running of their business, Robichaud Financial Services provides the personal attention and expertise to ensure the best results for you.

A voluntary process intended to resolve conflicts, without resorting to litigation,
by using an impartial third party
. Common in dissolution of companies or transitions, mediation can save companies thousands in legal fees, while quickly arriving at the best outcome for both parties.